Discover! Develop! Deploy!

Be the light through the arts! Some may say it is just a performance. Only those who have skills can do it. If you have the will, you can do it. Discover! Develop! And deploy!

Discovery is a basic step but is it as essential as to who you are. Know yourself, know the strength you have. Attempt new things. Explore and discover! Should not restrict yourself because you have got something that the world should see and know.

Hone your skills. Do not fear any failure for there is no perfection at the beginning. Persevere to develop. In the end, it will go well with you. Development is good way to enhance your skills. Other people are just good at criticisms and judgments but they cannot foresee your end result. Just have the mind not to give up. Instead, be the one who will look forward to a prosperous future and successful fulfillment because we are making our destiny. It is not destiny that will lead us, we will find it.

Once discovered and developed, go for deployment. Poetry, dance, drawing, photography, literature, sculpture, etc, ….these things. You are a pioneer of a new thing. A great inspiration and motivation will come from you. Such admirable and remarkable work is waiting for you.

Remember that professional artists now began as amateur artists who started from nothing also. But where did their strength come from to endeavor? Simply, they dreamed. Struggles are anticipated but believe, a victory is just behind those struggles.