AUTHENTICITY: The Value of Art

What are you looking for in terms of art works? What do you need to consider? Does this or that piece of art worth your penny?

Check it out. It is authenticity! Whatever you are looking at – jewelries, watches, bags, clothes, poetry, literature, etc, have to conform of all the elements required of that particular category.

The size, the shape, its parity and quality, does it have all of these? The originality of a piece is very important. Experts, artists, all people know the value of uniqueness and originality. It is the signature of the piece. Is there anything that was copied or altered or imitated?

Authenticity is the soul of the object. It is the most basic way and the foundation. The model of perfection and the symbol of passion and success. Authenticity comes in a way that you have verified it as genuine. It should be the true and intended manifestation of an artist idea. Basically, it is really a part of branding also. How can you boast of such a piece that is not from your own idea or design?

Picasso and other great artists are great examples of having authenticated works of art. They are artists who are genuine and true. Their works are original so they are called great until now.

True artists do not mimic. Though the same category, it is by their own styles and skills that they produced such exemplary products. What more is appreciated from them other than their pieces of art works? It is their reputation of authenticity!