The list of 10 iconic paintings around the world

The title of the article is very promising but it may disappoint someone when it comes to the choices of the works of arts that made it into the list. Each person has his own picks and interest so just a heads up before we go into the topic. IT was explained though in the video why they are the ones who are in the lists so let us just enjoy and see what are the contents of the video. You may already have guessed an artwork.
Each work of an artist has their own interpretation. Sometimes there is work of art that you just see and know what it means and you just stand in front of them and appreciate how nicely it was done and how beautiful it is. But those are the kind of artworks that will make you think of what it wants you to think. You will be curious on what did the artists think while he created the painting so it looks like that. When you will listen to the inspiration of the paintings then you can understand about it.

The artwork in the picture above is one of the iconic paintings mentioned in the video. Many also agree to it and it was already famous that many artists or other people made their own source version of it. There are really good paintings that gives different emotions and feelings to those who watch or see them and the painting above is one of them.