The beginners guide to learning the 8 different steps in dancing

When I was talking with my cousin who is into dancing, he mentioned to me the times when he is beginning to learn to dance. He was not born a dancer as he says that is why he must practice different dance moves that are in existence so that he can base his own mixed and altered version to create his own dance performance. It is not easy to choreographed dance steps so he must learn more compared to others. This encouraged me to write this article to help others in the same situation.

As you can see in the infographic, there are eight types of the dance moves that you can learn from here. My cousin said he also learn to make all this step to be able to be a good dancer. As he has to prove himself even to his family, he practiced almost in all his spare time. Now he can do them easily and even showed me how he does it. We live far from each other so I cannot watch his performances but only if he shared the videos and dance for me through internet media. Click this link over here to find this caring company. You can see more here This is a great help.

He is now in a team with a professional choreographer so it is manageable for him as what he had to do is to practice only the steps that were given to them. Sometimes there are very hard steps that he has to practice it many times so he can do it.