Light of Art Galleries

Art Galleries around the world are practicing to bring out the image of a society through the minds of millions of artists around the world. People may have invested time, effort, money and sacrifices for art galleries and arts’ sake. Wherever angle we see, artworks touches our soul and heart. These art galleries have been established for collecting brilliant light that penetrates in the heart of every soul who sees. Wish all mankind accomplish this mission of an art. Watch this!

The Dialogue Contemporary Fine Art Gallery established in Seattle Washington shines the works of Seattle artists like Mark James Perry, Jose Luis Rodriguez Guerra and Richard Spalding.

Aside from them, numerous artists, being inspired by the worldly pleasure, have been advancing for artworks in dream. However, the art works of the Renaissance people covers the whole world may it be visual, literary and performing arts. All these artworks have been displayed in the art gallery museums in Italy. Somehow, when we see visual and literary artworks, we feel happy. HOWEVER…..there is an art gallery that broke the heart of each visitor—professors, students, officials, business people, military people, celebrities who visit the gallery.  This is the Mother’s Love Gallery originated in South Korea and has branched out to other places like Brooklyn and Manhattan. With the name of the art gallery, no need to explain why people shed tears of sorrow and pain once they enter through the gallery. This is free so anyone can just visit.

Is there anyone who would dislike viewing the work of an art (except for literary because not everyone likes reading)? No one! In other words, the works of an art lights up in our hearts and creates a spark to perceive the ideas within them.